The Nomadic Theatre Co's hilarious original production "The Last Show You'll Ever See" features a woman and her trombone as they face the possibility of impending apocalypse. Through fast-paced humor, offbeat text, virtuosic pantomime, and musical interludes, our intrepid heroine grapples with the endless possibilities of ending, before it's too late ...

The Last Show You'll Ever See is a strange, beautiful, and funny meditation on the idea of extinction. Get into it.” -- Stacy Riger, Willamette Week

The Last Show You’ll Ever See is an original work created by Sarah Liane Foster with coaching by Giovanni Fusetti, artistic collaboration from the Geniuses, and direction by Elizabeth Baron.

"The Last Show You’ll Ever See" debuted in Boulder, CO, and has played in Providence, RI; Arcata, CA; Portland, OR; and the NY Clown Theatre Festival. It is now on tour in Canada! See events page for details.

View trailer here!

And here are fantastic 4-star reviews of the show from Saskatoon's StarPhoenix and the Edmonton Journal.

Big thanks to the supporters of the Canada tour!:
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